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Who We Are

Ready. Set. Grow. provides tools and encouragement to caregivers and parents to talk and read with their prekindergarten aged children to build vocabulary and comprehension, and increase letter name and sound awareness. When parents and caregivers talk and read with their children, they build important vocabulary and comprehension skills preparing their children for future success.

What We Do

Ready. Set. Grow. is a community wide initiative designed to promote kindergarten readiness, improve elementary reading levels, and increase high school graduation rates. The initiaive is led by Adams/Pike Regional Office of Education #1 and supported by seed funding from the United Way of Adams County.

In 2012, Quincy’s Early Childhood & Family Center conducted an assessment of 256 three-year-olds entering their program and found that:
- 78% did not recognize any letters.
- 80% did not recognize any numbers.
- 90% did not recognize their own name.
- 48% did not have age-appropriate social skills.

Ready. Set. Grow. seeks to create a culture that values early education and child development and sees itself as a stakeholder; engage families in age appropriate high quality interaction to promote school readiness; work alongside area groups in their coordinated effort to provide services and opportunities in early learning and advocate for more early learning opportunities in Adams County.



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